Most of us walk around a lot. Some walk as a part of exercise routine while some just have to walk a lot every day to reach their destinations. Whatever the reason might be, if you are someone who walks a lot, then the first thing you would need is a proper walking shoe. Some colleges are situated up on top of a hill and students would have to climb daily using walking shoes. The concrete workers would need the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. The reasons one might need a walking shoe thus varies from person to person. And, walking is also touted as one of the best exercises by health experts like

Here are some points to consider while buying walking shoes:

You’re Walking Style
As they say, as each one of us is different, so are the walking styles also different. A walking shoe that worked best for one may not necessarily be comfortable for another one. It also depends on the purpose for which you use the shoe. If you are just thinking of strolling out for a casual walk, then you could pick from a wide variety of shoes. If you will be walking more on pavements, it is better to pick multisport, running or even casual shoes. If you intend to walk through muddy roads and grassy trails, then opt for a light hiker or trail runner shoes.

Test The Stiffness And Flexibility
You could try a simple test to check the flexibility and stiffness of the walking shoes you intend to buy. First, pick the shoe up by holding its heel part. Then try bending up the toe part. Check the portion where the shoe bends. If the shoe bends up at the ball of the foot portion, then the shoes are good to be used. If it bends at some other random part, then it is better not to buy it.

Cushioning Effect Is Not Mandatory
Running shoes are the ones that need cushioning more as the impact on the feet is more while running. A normal walking shoe does not need cushions in the heel portion. If you prefer cushioning, buy the ones with cushioning under the ball of the foot portion.

Waterproof Shoes For Rainy Days
If you are someone who doesn’t prefer staying indoors even on a rainy day, then waterproof shoes would be the perfect choice for you. You could try opting for trail-running shoes provided with waterproofing coating on the upper side. It also has a much more sturdy sole and other support elements to help you walk comfortably even during a downpour. But, it is better to use shoes without waterproof features during sunny days as it is much airier and dries quickly.

Weight Of The Shoe Matters!
Most of us don’t notice the weight of the shoe while buying it. We just check whether it looks good and fits comfortably on your feet. But it is better to check the weight of the shoe also while buying it. If you are a fitness freak, then make sure you buy lightweight shoes.

Pick The Right Walking Shoes For Your Feet!
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